How to Create Value for your Customer


The Awarness stage is where the person becomes aware of you. After all nobody is born knowing who Apple or Amazon are. At some point they have to become aware of these companies if they are to become a customer


Your prospect is know aware of you – they know who you are – but you’re still in the early stages of a relationship with them. They don’t know you, like you, trust you


You promote a valuable offer, but instead of asking for money, you ask for the prospects contact information. And when they give it to you not only do you give them access to the content, product or service you promised, you also add them to your subscriber list.


This is the CRITICAL stage in this journey and one that frustrates many business owners. The key to success in this stage is to employ what we cal “entry-point-offers.” These offers are designed to give the prospect tremendous value without forcing them to put too much “skin in the game.”


Whenever a customer or prospect does what you ask them to do (attend a webinar, buy this product, hire me for this service), you should engineer your marketing to maximize the chances they’ll get tangible value from the experience


The Ascend stage is where your customer will be ready to buy more and more often. If your business has a core offer this is the place to make that offer. Then once your customer purchases that core offer, it’s time to present them with other relevant offers.


An Advocate is what you call a “passive promoter.” They won’t necessarily promote your business in an active way, but when asked they will respond favorably


This puts your message infront of a new audience, the fans, followers, friends of the promoter. And because this audience is hearing about you from a trusted source who they already know, they are more likely to become customers themselves.